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24th April 2014 

EFT or tapping is a wonderfully gentle, effective and increasingly popular therapeutic tool combining ancient Chinese acupuncture points and modern psychology. It has been referred to as 'psychological acupuncture'. Tapping often works where nothing else will, relieving unpleasant emotional and physical feelings, areas of being stuck and blocked or limiting beliefs.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who want to make the most of their individual potential, to attract into their life greater fulfilment in the areas of work, love, health, social life, hobbies, self-care, income or indeed anywhere where they feel they are not satisfied and desire improvement.

It is often hard to appreciate how we get in our own way and create obstacles in life; this is where EFT works beautifully. I have 10 years experience of using EFT and am still surprised and amazed how it can facilitate profound changes.

I conduct one-to-one sessions in Dorking town centre. I also work over Skype, which is equally effective.